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Game and Nature

Acuario Nacional de Cuba is an aquarium in Havana, Cuba established in 1960 to focus on “research and environmental education”. Displays include those of coral and other tropical species, as well as a dolphinarium and sea lion shows. Website

The Quinta de los Molinos is a national monument located in the city of Havana , Cuba . Important for having been the residence of the Captains General during the colonial period, residence of the hero Máximo Gómez and for housing the Botanical Garden of Havana and the Máximo Gómez Museum.

The National Botanical Garden of Cuba is a botanical garden of about 600 hectares and in which some 4000 plant species are exposed. Guided tours are offered at this botanical garden with native & exotic plants, plus an eatery. This botanical garden was conceived with the aims of a modern institution destined for public use in which a large collection of living, classified and scientifically ordered plants is shown for educational, scientific, recreational and conservationist purposes. Phone: +53 7 6979160

Parque Zoológico Nacional de Cuba is a beautiful forest area and the most visited area for bird watching in Cuba. It has over 700 species of animals in open areas that resemble their natural habitat thanks to the varied topography of the area. Tour Buses take visitors around the zoo’s 243 hectares that have been transformed into African prairie land roamed by giraffe, zebra, antelopes, rhinoceros, hippos and lions. Phone: +53 7 6430490

The Almendares River is a 45 km river in the western part of Cuba. Riverside city park with lush vegetation, an amphitheater & large dinosaur sculptures. It originates from the east of Tapaste and flows north-west into the Straits of Florida. The river acts as a water supply for Havana.